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Developing a flat stomach is like pursuing any other goal.

First, set the goal. Second, acquire the skills to attain the goal. Finally, do the work. These are the same steps required to achieve success in any endeavour.

Your definite goal is straightforward: develop a flat stomach.

What skills do you need to develop a flat tummy?

The single most powerful skill, which you need, is the ability to form keystone habits. 

The skill of developing keystone habits is indispensable to the achievement of any goal.

It takes regular exercise and good nutrition to develop a flat stomach.

Knowledge of the right exercises is utterly useless; unless, you have the habits to actually do these exercises. Similarly, knowledge of the right foods is utterly useless; unless, you develop the right eating habits.

How to Form Keystone Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle.

Our lives operate on habits. Goals are not achieved through occasional feats of effort. Goals are achieved by repeating a specific set of actions every day.

In order to develop a flat stomach, you must exercise daily and eat right daily. 

This literally means that, you must form new habits; in order to get that flat tummy, which you crave.

If you keep on doing what, you have always done, you will keep on getting what, you have always gotten. To get different results, you must engage in a different set of actions.

How do you transform your daily actions?

You must choose one specific activity to adopt. For example, you can decide to exercise every day at a specific hour.

It is of crucial importance that, you adopt only one new activity at a time.

You will fail, if you attempt to form more than one habit at a time.

Why aren’t you allowed to form more than one habit at a time?

You cannot form more than one habit at a time because your brain cannot construct more than one neural pathway at a time. Each habit is engrained in your brain by the formation of a neural pathway, which makes the habitual activity quasi-automatic.

Your brain constructs this neural pathway by tapping into your body’s glucose supply.

Some people think that, they can form two habits simultaneously. They erroneously believe that their brains will be able to construct two neural pathways, if they supply enough glucose to their bodies by consuming high GI (sugary) foods.

Do not make this mistake! The impossibility of human beings to form more than one habit at a time has nothing to do with a shortage of glucose. It is solely due to the fact that, your brain cannot construct more than one neural pathway at a time.

Hence, always form only one habit at a time.

Habits are nothing more than disciplines which have become semi-automatic. A discipline is an activity like crunches or aerobic exercise. Disciplines are built using willpower.

Willpower is used to make and enforce decisions. That is all willpower is.

For example, when the hour which, you have set aside to exercise strikes, you have a choice to make. You can decide to procrastinate or you can decide to exercise as planned. Willpower is the energy (glucose) that you use to decide follow-through and exercise as planned.

The exercise (crunches, cardio, squats, bench press) itself is a discipline.

You use willpower to build disciplines. Self-discipline is the use of willpower to consciously control your actions.

In order for your discipline to become a habit, you need to practice it for 30 consecutive days. After 30days, your daily routine will become quasi-automatic.

You will discover to your shocking amazement that it is difficult for you to stop exercising.

This is exactly what occurs, when forming a new habit. The first few days are difficult; then, it gradually gets easier. Sometime after the 20th day, you start enjoying the activity and feeling a sense of self-esteem. By the 30th consecutive day, the activity becomes quasi-automatic. At this point, it becomes difficult to stop.

Difficult does not mean impossible. If you relax or lower your guard, your old habits will creep in.

Once a habit’s neural pathway has been dug out in your brain, it remains there forever. That is why it is easy for your old habits to creep in, if you lower your guard.

Your driving skills do not disappear, if you go for a few years without driving. You can easily recover your driving skills anytime you choose. Your piano skills do not disappear, if you go for a few years without playing the piano. You can easily recover your piano skills because the neural pathway of that skill is still in your brain.

Here is the point. Self-discipline is a skill.

The exact same mechanism operates with destructive habits.

Your tendency to misuse alcohol does not disappear, if you go sober for a few years. You can easily fall back into the fangs of alcoholism, if you sip just one glass of booze. 

Your tendency to over-eat does not disappear, if you discipline your appetite for a few years. You can easily return to gluttony, if your discipline breaks down.

This means that the work is not over after 30days. You have to remain vigilant and keep re-enforcing your new habit.

Once you have your regular exercise habit going, you can move to deal with your eating habits.

The Ultimate Flat Stomach Exercises

Crunches are vital when it comes to strength and definition of your abdominal muscles; however, crunches are not everything.

In order for your lean abdominal muscles to show, you must absolutely be in normal weight. It is utterly impossible for overweight or obese people to develop a sleek tummy.

If you are overweight; then, lose enough weight to get yourself into normal weight.

Measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) to find out, if your weight is normal. You get your BMI from dividing your height by your weight. Normal weight ranges from 18.5 to 24.9. Any figure above 30 is definitely overweight.

What is cutting edge way to lose weight?

You have to burn (spend) more calories than you consume. The most dynamic way to do this is by exercising and eating less.

Crunches are good at defining and strengthening your abdominal muscles but they won’t help you to lose weight.

Intermittent sessions of intense cardio are undeniably the most effective means to whip yourself into normal weight. Intense cardio means exactly what it states. We are talking here about the kind of ultra crazy cardio that gets your heart pounding furiously against your chest.

Anything less and you are just playing sissy with no real resolve to lose those pounds.

Once you are in normal weight, the crunches become vital. The three most powerful crunches are bicycle exercise, Captain’s chair exercise and Swiss ball exercise.

If you go wacko on your cardio and mix in these three sit-up methods, you will get a flat stomach in less than 3months.

It would take you about 90days to get a flat stomach; unless, you are already athletic. Do not get carried away by the late night TV commercials or sly marketers who promise you a flat tummy in 2weeks. It takes only a moron to believe that, she can transform her body in 2weeks.

Flat Stomach Development is a slow process photo FlatStomachDevelopmentisaslowprocess_zpsea1c63b5.gif

Prepare for the long haul. It is a slow process.

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