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Control Your Thoughts 


Become Unstoppably Powerful

“The highest possible stage of moral culture is when we realize that we ought to control our thoughts.” Charles Darwin

Our thoughts shape our reality.

Entertain no fears! We are not talking about any of that esoteric law-of-attraction hogwash.

Your thoughts determine your outcome. And this is a simple basic fact.

But why is this fact relevant in fitness?

The obvious answer is unbelievably simple. Fitness is 80% mental. The repetition of physical movements which you carry out in the gym is only responsible for 20% of your fitness results.

If you are not motivated, you’ll never go to the gym in the first place.

If you are not disciplined and consistent, you’ll never stick to any fitness routine.

Self-motivation and self-discipline are both attributes of the mind. And guess where your motivation and discipline ultimately stem from?

Your THOUGHTS!!!!!!!

It goes without saying that you must control your thoughts in order to produce the action that you want!

If you have ever abandoned your new year’s resolution in shame; then you know that having the intention to do something does not automatically translate into actual action.

Transforming Your Thoughts into Action

Thinking is the process of identification. Suppose you identified a fitness goal such as developing a flat stomach. You invest time gathering lots of information on how to develop a flat tummy.

Soon, you find yourself, wishing and desiring to have a flat belly. Your thinking and pondering on how to get a flat stomach determines,


Your beliefs are basically the set of information which you hold as truth. What you consider truth might not necessarily be valid facts in objective reality. But in your mind, you hold this information as truths.

For example; at one time, it was popular knowledge that all fats were bad and had to be avoided like the plague.

Now we know that there are two types of fats: saturated (bad fats) and unsaturated (good fats). Unsaturated fats like omega-3 fatty acids actually help fight LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol which is responsible for a barrage of cardio-vascular diseases.

Now that we have this information, we have formed new beliefs about fats. 

Your beliefs determine,


What is your attitude? Your attitude is a bundle of beliefs which tell you how to feel about any person, topic, country or subject without consciously thinking about it.

For example, Michael Jackson. Felt that? In a flash, your brain consulted a cascade of pre-conceived beliefs, stereotypes, facts and opinions and told you how to feel.

Another example; close your eyes and imagine warm strawberry pie melting away in your mouth as you emit ohs and ahs of satisfaction.

Nuclear Bomb! Did you feel that? In an instant, a thunderbolt of brain activity consulted volumes of stored information and beliefs and produced your attitude towards atomic bombs. 

Your attitude determines,


You know that infamous emotion, which takes you captive when, your alarm goes off in the morning? It is the emotion, which decides whether, you will procrastinate or not.

This is the same rebellious emotion that takes hold of you at the exact hour; that, you planned to go to the gym.

This emotion determines whether, you procrastinate or not. It is best described by the words, “I don’t feel like it.”

Your feelings determine,


The chain reaction begins with your thoughts determining your beliefs. Then, your beliefs shaping your attitudes. Then, your attitudes creating your feelings and your feelings determining your actions.

Ultimately, your thoughts determine your actions!

Control your thoughts and you can get yourself to do anything.

How to Control Thoughts

The most powerful thought-control technique is the “Trump Question.”

In order to use the Trump question, you must have a topic (goal) on which your attention is supposed to be focused. Having a very specific goal is an indispensable requirement of the Trump technique.

Whenever, you find your thoughts aimlessly wondering, ask yourself; “what am I supposed to be thinking about right now?”

Remember, you cannot use this technique; unless, you have a goal (topic) that you are supposed to be thinking about. The whole idea is to redirect your attention back to the pre-decided topic or goal.

“What am I supposed to be thinking about right now?” is a shockingly powerful question that works like magic.

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