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Deer Antler Extract

Deer antler extract is the ultimate performance enhancing supplement.

Every professional athlete and fitness enthusiast knows this. It seems that the media machine just found out. Sportscasters have been going ballistic since NFL player, Vijah Singh confessed to regularly using velvet antler supplements.

The firestorm of media frenzy surrounding deer antler extracts started with rumours that Super Bowl legend, Ray Lewis was using the extract. Ray Lewis has vehemently denied ever using antler supplements.

These wild media allegations have prompted the NFL Anti-Doping Board to launch a probe into the possible widespread use of the supplement.

Needless to state the obvious, that the probe by the Anti-Doping Board is a complete and utter waste of time. Velvet antler is extremely difficult to detect because it is 100% natural.

Athletes, who use velvet antler extract never get caught; unless, they voluntarily confess.

Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, etc were undetected by sophisticated doping tests for years. Steroids and synthetic performance enhancing drugs are easily detected; however, natural supplements are an entirely different ball game.

Here is a shocking fact for the prying media loud-mouths: “athletes will always seek to enhance their performance.”

In addition, let us set the moral tenet straight. There is nothing wrong with enhancing your performance, so long as you are not a professional athlete. The question of cheating is absurd, if you are not in professional sport.

How does risk come into the equation? Questions of risk arise, when you start using synthetic PED (performance enhancing drugs) such as anabolic steroids. Synthetic drugs often have negative side-effects. Stay away from them.

Velvet Antler is 100% natural and risk-free.

How is Velvet 

Antler Extract Produced?

Velvet antler grows on the rack of male deer. The antlers are harvested before calcification. This is the stage, at which, they are richest in nutrients and growth hormones.

The harvesting process is humanely conducted without harming the deer.

The New Zealand red deer has the highest concentration of IGF-1. Velvet antlers contain both IGF-1 and IGF-2. IGF stands for insulin-like growth factor.

IGF is similar to the human growth hormone. The only difference is that, the human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. IGF is produced in the liver.

Different extraction processes are used to ensure that the antler extract retains a high degree of IGF. In the East, the antler is sliced and dried. The dried pieces are consumed as tea.

In the West, our labs use a special patented process to extract the highest quantity of IGF. The antler is then ground into powder and consumed as capsules. Alternatively, the powder can be dissolved in an aerosol and consumed as a spray.

Medical Uses of 

Velvet Antler Extract

The medicinal value of antler extract is nothing new. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. The upper section (wax piece) of the antler is used as a growth tonic for children.

In Chinese medicine, the middle section (blood piece) of the antler is used to treat arthritis and osteoporosis. The last section (bone piece) is used in geriatric therapies. Geriatric therapy is the entire body of anti-aging medicine.

In the West, deer velvet is used to improve the immune system, counter the effects of stress, improve eyesight, improve memory, improve cognitive functions and promote rapid recovery for illness.

Other medical uses include the treatment of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anemia, migraines, headaches, muscle aches, asthma, indigestion, kidney disorder, liver disorder, back ache, knee ache, joint ache, chronic skin ulcers and overactive bladder.

Velvet Antler Supplements

In sports, deer antler velvet is the most powerful performance enhancing supplement.

It skyrockets your stamina, strength and endurance. It increases your bone density and promotes the development of lean muscle mass.

Athletes love the antler extract because it significantly increases the quantity of red blood cells. Red blood cells are indispensable to the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to muscle tissues.

The greater the oxygen-content of your blood, the more your system becomes efficient at converting food into glucose (energy).

The most startling secret of the velvet antler is its aphrodisiac functions. Viagra gives you a hard but it comes with its disadvantages. Velvet antler has no disadvantages. After a few weeks of use, your erections will become as hard as steel.

Better yet, this proprietary blend of 'antler plus' supplements contains testosterone stimulants. You will get double action in the same pill. It is like shooting two birds with one stone.

Turbo-charge your vitality and bring out the best in you. Order the highly acclaimed velvet antler supplements now!

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