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You are disqualified from reading this info, if you do not fit one specific criterion. You must be ready and willing to work hard. Your only problem should be how to get into action and stay in action. I am going to show you how.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison.

Shame on you, if you have no clue who; Thomas Edison is. He is the guy who invented your light bulb. He is the guy who invented the gramophone _ the first device to record and replay sound.

Before he died in 1931, Thomas Edison had more than 1000patents to his name. He is the greatest inventor who ever lived. And he achieved all that, thanks to a single principle: HARD WORK.

Stop waiting for inspiration!

It is not coming. You will meet the undertaker long before inspiration. Your gradual degradation and eventual death is the only thing that’s coming.

Stop reading libraries of self-help books, hoping to find inspiration. Stop surfing the web and reading articles like this, hoping to find inspiration.

Well, you should read this article, but none thereafter.

The inspiration, you are looking for is neither in books nor motivational audio. Believe it or not, all the inspiration, you need, is already within you.

Stop looking for it. One more thing, stop f*cking looking within! What’s all that feely-touchy Bull Sh*t? Stop paying gurus and psychologist to ignite the power within! Whatever that’s supposed to mean! Stop searching within for that hidden spark of inspiration.

You already have all the inspiration, you need!

What you now need; is hard work!

Working Hard vs Working Smart

It takes knowledge to perform the simplest activities in life. When you have the knowledge, you take it for granted. You take for granted the knowledge involved in changing a flat tire. You take the knowledge involved in reading this line of text for granted.

You absolutely take for granted, the knowledge involved in switching off the lights.

I volunteered my time with the Methodist church to do some charity work in Congo, Central Africa. Without giving it an extra thought, I asked some 12year kid to switch off the lights. He fetched a bucket of water and started throwing it at the light bulb.

Yes, even something as trivial as pushing a switch, “on and off” requires knowledge.

Sometimes, knowledge is so trite that, the person using the knowledge can’t explain it. Ask a guy, who goes to the gym regularly; how he does it, and he’ll tell you, “just get off your lazy ass and hit the gym.”

You must know how; else, you cannot do. Working smart means figuring out, “the how.”

The how is one percent. The hard work is ninety-nine percent. I’ll give you the how. But only you can implement it i.e. do the hard work.

How to Get Your Ass off the Couch

First off, you must solve all the practical problems that prevent you from exercising regularly. To exercise, you need resources: time and equipment.

You must set aside the time and acquire the necessary equipment.

Solve any other practical problem that gets in the way. I am only here to solve the human problem i.e. the procrastination problem.

Your weak mental game is what’s keeping your ass nailed to the couch. You constantly chose short-term pleasure over long-term gain. You opt out of exercising because following through is painful.

At that exact moment, when you are supposed to start exercising, your mind confabulates a sweet and persuasive excuse, why you shouldn’t exercise right now. Your mind is trying to avoid the pain. The pain is a feeling, generally described as “I don’t feel like it.”

Your mind is a pleasure loving entity.

Here is the million dollar secret of the mind, which, if implemented, will transform the procrastinating-you into a productive-you. The pain, pleasure signals that your mind associates with an activity can be changed.

The activity, which you experience as pain today, can become pleasure tomorrow. At some future date, instead of hesitating to exercise, you will become eager to exercise. Exercising will become pleasurable and not exercising will become painful.

How do you transform pain into pleasure?

You do it by embracing pain. This is the difficult part. Here is where the work is involved. If you are going to get off your ass and exercise, you are going to have to blast through the pain (I don’t feel like it).

You must commit to launch an all-out assault on that feeling, every single day. Every day, you must renew your vow to act; in spite of the feeling (I don’t feel like it). Every day, before going to bed, tell yourself how you are going to defeat that feeling.

Talk to yourself every day. Stand in front of a mirror and speak out loud. Vow to crush the pain. Vow to become the Victor of the war in your mind. Vow to become the supreme master of the battle in your mind.

You must do this every single day. You must record this in your journal. You are embarking on a journey to a new lifestyle.

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