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    Home remedies for hemorrhoids begins with good nutrition and regular exercise. This time-tested formula for good health is universal. Your nutrition can immensely accelerate your recovery from hemorrhoids.

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    Dieticians love to recommend high fiber foods for hemorrhoids. Healthy high fiber foods can prevent hemorrhoid. If you are already afflicted, high fiber foods will tremendously assist your recovery.

    What are high fiber foods?

    Nutritionist love to assume that everyone else knows as much as they do. This deceptively simple question always catches nutritionists off-guard. They assume, you already know.

    We have pulled down the walls of that assumption. We are going to give you a comprehensive list of the exact high fiber foods; that guarantee a quick relief from hemorrhoids.

    Before we delve into the precise high fiber foods you need, let’s examine how fiber impacts your metabolism.

How Fiber Foods Impact Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids (piles) are swollen or inflamed veins in your anal or rectal region. Swellings or inflammations of these veins are caused by high pressures in your abdomen (bowel).

    What you eat has an effect on the pressure in your bowels. Your nutrition can either lead to diarrhea or constipation. Both of these conditions provoke unusually high bowel pressure.

    Fiber foods regulate and moderate bowel pressure.

    Insoluble fiber is very hydrophilic. This means it has a high affinity for water.

    Insoluble fiber absorbs and retains water as food moves from your stomach, small intestines and large intestines. Digestion mainly occurs in the duodenum. The by-product of digestion is eliminated through successive contractions and relaxations of the intestinal walls.

    Your large intestines consist of three main parts: the cecum, the colon and the rectum. We are concerned with the rectum. This is where the by-product (waste or stool) of digestion is stored. When sufficient stool has accumulated in the rectum, your body sends signals to your brain and you feel the urge to take a dump.

    It is the pressure in the rectum, that determines whether, you’ll contract piles or not. Anything that affects the pressure in the rectum can either accentuate or alleviate your piles.

    Fiber significantly affects this pressure.

    Here is one nugget you absolutely need to retain. Your body cannot break down insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber that, you consume is ejected from your body in the same form.

    Soluble fiber slows down metabolism. Insoluble fiber speeds up metabolism. Nutritionists refer to insoluble fiber as the “hurry up” component because it hurries food along the digestive track. Both types of fibers absorb and retain fluids. As a result, the wastes that arrive at the rectum are soft, bulky and gelatinous.

    Soft, gelatinous stool keeps a normal pressure in your rectum. This makes your stool normal and easy to pass.

    Watery stool (diarrhea) causes high pressure in your rectum and could cause your rectal veins to swell. Dry and hard stool (constipation) also causes low pressure in your rectum and could lead to inflammation of your rectal veins.

    The normal pressure in your rectum needs to be moderate. It should neither be too high nor too low. High fiber foods help retain normal rectal pressures.

Recommended High Fiber Foods 

for Hemorrhoids Relief

    Eat both soluble and insoluble fiber (ruffage or roughage). Fruits, grains and vegetables will give you both types of fiber.

    Here are the top 5 foods with the highest fiber content for each category.

Whole Grains

Rice, corn, oats and wheat are among the whole grains with high fiber content. A bowl of cornflakes in milk will make your day.

Vegetables and legumes

Greens vegetables are always a safe bet _ the greener the better. Other foods with high roughage content include spinach, potatoes, carrots and artichokes. When you scour through the vegetable shelves at the market, go for lentils, soybeans and peas. They’ll make a marvelous contribution to your roughage intake.


The most prized fiber rich fruits include oranges, apples, bananas, figs, strawberries and grapes.

Fiber Foods that can 

Worsen Your Hemorrhoids

    Refined sugars have low fiber content. Refined sugars are abundantly found in these major food categories: beverages, confectionaries, biscuits and cakes. Besides their propensity to cause hemorrhoids, these foods also foster obesity. Refined sugars foster the accumulation of fat.

    Overweight is equal to consumed calories minus spent calories.

    Your body converts the extra calories consumed into fat. You gradually become overweight as increasing layers of fat are stored in your body over time.

    Spicy foods such as mustard and red (chili) pepper have been shown to exacerbate the pain, irritation and itching caused by hemorrhoids.

    Alcohol, coffee and tobacco are vasoconstrictors. Avoid those big three like the zombie apocalypse. They will exponentially exacerbate your hemorrhoid condition.

    Tobacco constricts blood vessels. Less blood flows to your rectal region, when your veins become smaller. This can lead to thromboses. Thrombosis is the blockage of circulation due to the clotting of cells in blood vessels. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are intolerably painful.

    You are probably not ready to give up the world’s most cherished stimulant: caffeine. And Starbucks is extremely grateful for your addiction. However, you totally have to put a rain check on caffeine, when afflicted by hemorrhoids.

    Caffeine is a stimulant and has the effect of a laxative. Excessive caffeine boosts blood circulation. You get stimulated because more oxygen arrives at your brain and other vital organs. Unfortunately blood is also pumped into inflamed hemorrhoidal bulges.

    You probably won’t like this but you’ll have to put a rain check on beer too. Alcohol dehydrates your system. It has the opposite effect of water. Alcohol will make your stool dry and hard. Avoid alcohol or reckon with constipation.

    Do yourself a favour and eat high fiber foods. They will speed up your relief from haemorrhoids.

    Home remedies for hemorrhoids are available online. Hemorrhoids treatment brings relief from itching and irritation. Home remedies for hemorrhoids provide safe relief.

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