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How did it come to this? How did I let myself put on so much weight?

Is that You?

Do you incessantly torment yourself on this burning question?

The answer is obvious!

You got so fat by eating too much and moving too little.

The good news is that, your future must not look like your past. You have the complete and total power to take charge and ultimately transform your life into a bright and outrageous future.

You can’t go back and make a brand new start. But you can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Does that sound too rosy? Have you heard it all before?

Well, if you’ve read at least two posts on this blog, you’ll entertain no illusions about my effectiveness at smashing fairytale pipe dreams.

Yes, you can develop a flat, lean stomach. But you won’t do it by reading these lines.

You won’t do it thanks to some spectacularly insightful revelation that gets you eternally motivated.

You won’t develop that toned tummy thanks to some revolutionary secret formula from cutting-edge scientific research.

The formula for ripped abs is regular exercise and good nutrition. It is really that simple. Everyone knows it; yet, only a few have what, it takes to implement it.

Do you have what it takes to eat right and exercise regularly?

Are you scrupulously proficient in the fine art of consistent self-discipline?

Yeah, consistent self-discipline is what it is going to take. Consistent self-discipline is what it takes to get anything done. In fact, consistent self-discipline is the very key to success.

Self-discipline is embracing the pain of doing the right thing in the face of a plethora of easy things.

Self-discipline is prioritization of that which; you want most, at the expense of instant gratification impulses.

Self-discipline is doing what; you planned to do, regardless of how you feel.

Self-discipline is going to gym; even when, you do not feel like it.

Self-discipline is eating that spinach; even though, it tastes worse than over-cooked leather.

Self-discipline is tearing your ass out of the couch; even though, your favourite TV show is running.

Self-discipline is turning down the invitation of your peers. Let your peers do the small-talk and cheap gossip. Self-discipline is severing all links to small-minded peers. You’ll have to give up the peers holding you back; in order to join peers that will push you up.

Leaving your former peer group can be painful; but it is a necessity.

And this is not sacrifice. There is a big misunderstanding between sacrifice and prioritization.

Sacrifice is giving up something more valuable for something less valuable. 

For example, you are sacrificing, if you give up your gym session to watch TV. Each time you sacrifice, you become less valuable as a person.

Prioritization is giving up something less valuable for something more valuable. For example, you are prioritizing, if you give up TV to hit the gym. Each time you prioritize, you become a better person.


Prioritization is affirming that which; you value more, over that which, you value less. Deep down, you value having a flat stomach more than you value watching TV.

Initially, prioritization is painful. But the more you do it, the easier it gets. Until one amazing day, it becomes part of you, just like any other habit.

Defeating Procrastination with 

the Donald Trump Question

You procrastinate because you are not yet a Jedi in the art of metacognition. Metacognition is thinking about your thoughts.

Metacognition is the battlefield, in which, you must face the enemy of procrastination.

The battle drums are blazing when the hour comes to hit the gym.

You are faced with a choice; each time, the thunderous bolt of lightning-fast thoughts sizzle through your mind. You can either procrastinate or you can hit the gym. Suppose your alarm goes off, signaling that, you have to hit the gym.

At this specific moment, a thousand impulses will take hold of your mind. You will find yourself, conjuring the most shockingly brilliant excuses why, you shouldn’t go to the gym.

You do not experience these rationalizations as excuses. You experience them as perfectly legitimate reasons. And before you realize it, you are a helpless prisoner of the omnipotent “I don’t feel like it” spell.

No, Harry Potter hasn’t taken hold of you; neither has the wizard of Oz.

You are just being your lazy, defeatist, old self.

The Donald Trump question is the unbeatable formula to snap you out of your trance.

Ask yourself the Donald Trump question, “what am I supposed to be thinking about right now?”

The objective of the question is to refocus your mind on your gym session.

Answer the question by giving yourself all the reasons why you must be off to gym, doing your abdominal exercises. Convince yourself that, you must do your cardio.

You won’t get your flat stomach by simply playing mind games. It is time to get your ass off the couch and hit the floor sprinting.

Bouts of motivation won’t give you that sexy tummy. Disregard the hymns of pious praises sung on the altar of motivation. Self-discipline not motivation is the ultimate key that will propel you past the sloughs of “I don’t feel like it.”

“I don’t feel like it.”

Remember that phrase.

Pay attention to that sensation the next time it raises its despicable head. “I don’t feel like it,” is the reason you give up. “I don’t feel like it,” is reason why you need self-discipline.

If you do not think that, you can overcome the fleeting moments of “I don’t feel like it,” you might as well give up now.

I have given you the tools to crush your greatest enemy. USE IT.

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