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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks (striae) can be easily removed. By sticking to the right procedure, you could be over it in a month.

That said, not everyone is particularly thrilled with removing stretch lines (lineae atrophicae or linea albicante). Linea albicante does not present any health risk.

Some mothers choose to wear it as some sort of batch of honour. In fact, the only viable reason to remove linea albicante is aesthetics. The purplish and reddish stripes can be rather unsightly.

The stripes do not always remain reddish or purplish. Sometimes, they can become silvery or whitish.

Some women are skilled in the art of camouflage. They do not bother to remove linea albicante; instead, they simply hide the stripes underneath their clothes.

Fortunately for the women who choose this method, stretch lines often occur in areas that are coverable by clothing. In general, these areas include: the tummy, the hips, thighs and bum.

Stretch Mark Myths

Unfortunately, knowing the facts of a condition is not enough these days because of the equal prevalence of false information.

On the internet, you are often presented with truths and myths. Left on your own devices, you are often unable to distinguish fact from myth. We are going to guide you through the facts and through the most prevalent myths.

Myth: There is no treatment for linea albicante.

Fact: Plenty of treatment methods have proven effective at eliminating linea albicante. Effective treatment methods include: laser treatments, dermabrasion, prescription retinoids, topical creams and fractional laser resurfacing.

Myth: Linea albicante will disappear on its own accord.

Fact: No, it does not disappear over time. Over time, the hue may transform from reddish to silvery, but that’s about it.

Myth: Linea albicante only occurs in women.

Fact: Linea albicante occurs in both men and women; however, women are disproportionately affected. Women experience more events, in which, linea albicante tends to occur.

In men, there are only two events, in which, the occurrence of linea albicante is prevalent. These events include weight gain and rapid growth.

This rapid growth could be during puberty or during muscle building. Muscles building directly tear your connective tissues.

Myth: Linea albicante is contagious.

Fact: Fortunately, this myth is not widespread. This myth is based on the observation that linea albicante tends to occur within members of the same family. As a result, a casual observer might think that the family members got it from each other.

Linea albicante tends to occur within members of the same family because it has a hereditary component. If your mother had the genes, you are 3times more likely to have it.

Myth: You can prevent linea albicante.

Fact: Stay away from fools, who peddle this myth. You cannot prevent linea albicante. Firstly, there is a hereditary component to its occurrence. Given that you cannot alter your DNA, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it.

Secondly, hormonal changes count among the major triggers of linea albicante. Once more, there is little you can do to influence your hormones.


We are not implying that it is impossible to influence your hormones. After all, hosts of hormonal therapies exist. In addition, many contraceptives are based on influencing the quantity of hormones in your bloodstream.

Even though, it is possible to prevent linea albicante by influencing your hormones, you’ll still be exposed to the rapid growth of puberty, which is largely beyond your control.

Most pregnant women develop lineae atrophicae. Off course, you can always avoid vergetures by avoiding pregnancy.

Excessive weight gain is one of the causes of stria distensae. Weight gain is a phenomenon, over which, you have total control. So, you can definitely reduce your chances of developing stria distensae by remaining fit.

Dermatology Stretch Mark Cream

The powerful dermatology cream has revolutionized the treatment of stretch lines. The cream contains essential oils that seep through your skin and repair the cells in your dermis.

Safety is a prominent component that makes the dermatology formula advantageous over other treatment methods.

Other treatment methods such as topical retinoids have been classified as teratogens by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). A teratogen is a substance that is susceptible to produce birth defects.

The dermatology formula is safe because its ingredients are 100% natural. It can be safely used by pregnant women.

The remarkable dermatology formula will stimulate the production of collagen in your dermis. Order the clinically certified dermatology formula now and get rid of your stretch marks.

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