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Natural Testosterone

Testosterone is the most powerful performance enhancer. It is every athlete’s best friend. It is also the secret ingredient behind every inventor that ever made a major breakthrough.

It is common scientific knowledge that intelligence and self-discipline are the essential traits that separate movers and shakers from the mortals. There is little you can do to improve the intelligence that you were born with.

On the other hand, you could mold your self-discipline into unbreakable fibers of steel. Self-discipline (self-control) is the trait that gives scientists that unique flare of persistence. Great achievers are notorious for persisting from failure to failure; till, they attain their gigantic objective.

According to Sigmund Freud, the great achievers channeled their sexual energy into their work through a process called sublimation. Instead of wasting their juice on sex, the great achievers focused on their work.

Do not go cold turkey! No one is about to ask you to give up sex!

Thanks to pro testosterone pills, you can have both the sex and epic performance at the same time.

Why You Need 

Testosterone Boosters

In the male universe, erectile dysfunction features near the top of the list. There is nothing worse than sexual weakness; except the absence of power.

Throughout history, men have only been interested in three things: money, power and women. Every single pursuit of man is geared towards achieving either one or more of these three things. There is nothing else beyond these three.

Can you think of anything worse than having that stunning bimbo, ready and willing, only to discover that, your manhood membrane just won’t answer the call to duty?

Erectile dysfunction is a cataclysmic source of embarrassment. It is one of those conditions that, you do not want to experience; especially if, you are younger than 30.

If you experience erectile dysfunction; even though, you are younger than 30; then, you are probably suffering from a more serious condition called hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a serious condition that requires medical treatment. Hypogonadism is the underproduction of the virile hormone.

There is no reason to panic, if you are above 30. The production of the manhood hormone naturally decreases once you get past 30, at a rate of 1% annually.

The side-effects of decreasing levels of the virile serum include: diminished sexual desire, reduced sperm production, reduction in body mass, increased fat-storing, decline in muscle strength, slower cell repair, slower replacement of hair, reduction in male body odor, reduction in male pheromones, reduction in bone density, reduction in the production of red blood cells and reduction in the quantity of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

A reduction in the quantity of hemoglobin in red blood cells is very problematic for athletes. It is no coincidence that there are fewer high performance athletes above 30.

Hemoglobin is the compound responsible for absorbing oxygen into the bloodstream. Oxygen is vital to breakdown complex food molecules into glucose (energy).

The greater the quantity of hemoglobin in your bloodstream; the greater the quantity of oxygen in circulation; hence, you have more energy available for muscular tissues.

In the summer Olympics of 1988; that’s how the sprinter, Ben Johnson was able to complete 100m in 7seconds. The guy had been doping on testosterone steroids for months. His world record-breaking performance was the shortest lived, ever.

No one was fooled. Medical experts and professional athletes immediately cried foul. Such a superhuman feat was simply unthinkable. Ben Johnson was quickly hauled to the lab and subjected through a battery of more scrupulous tests.

The tests revealed that he had been enhancing the hemoglobin content of his red blood cells by taking controlled doses of the manhood hormone.

If you are a professional athlete, better stay off artificial boosters. You will get caught and follow in the grand hall of shame. Your name will be smeared in the footsteps of Marion Jones, Lyle Alzado and Lance Armstrong.

Boosting Your Testosterone Levels

If you are not in professional sports, there is no reason not to boost your performance. In fact, there is every reason to skyrocket your productivity potential. We all want to the winners!

Winning comes at a price. Do not let anybody fool you! There is no gain without sweat, pain and effort. Taking testosterone pills alone will not make you a super athlete.

Only your sex drive and basic manhood functions can be improved without exercise. Sexual performance is the only area that, you can improve by simply taking the pills.

If your intention is to increase lean muscle mass, enhance vitality, strength and endurance; then get this brutal fact straight.

There are no short-cuts. Exercise is indispensable. You might as well save your money and nail your ass to the couch.

Pro testosterone pills are there to supplement, not replace effort. The only way to guarantee maximum results is by combining these pills with regular exercise. The path to glory is paved with sweat, effort and megalomaniacal doses of testosterone. Order now!

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